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The Center for small-size school development

of the |National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin

The Center for small-size school development is a structural subsection of the National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin since 2011 (hereinafter referred to as the Center). The main objective of the Center is to promote the development of small-sized classes, combined classes and classes with a specific organizational learning process.

From the moment that Small-size school Laboratory of the Research Institute for Pedagogical Sciences named after Y.Altynsarin (hereinafter referred to as the Laboratory) begins, significant research activities had been done on the problem of teacher education improvement, identification requirements in scientific and methodical provisions for small-size schools that continued throughout the following years.

Small-size schools made up a large percentage of all schools in Kazakhstan. Hence in 1964-1965 there were 2573 small-sized schools that was 61,3% of all schools. The Laboratory provided scientific and methodical support to teachers and school administrators of small-size schools. Over the years the following scientists and experts have been dedicating to the problem of small-size schools: Hrapchenkov G., Askarbayeva A., Aimagambetova B., Kulmagambetova B., and published the results of their work in scientific journals.

The problem of improving methodology for learning and educational content in the late of ХІХcentury and till 70th of ХХcentury was studied and described in a book by Hrapchenkov G. «Scientifically-methodical problems of National Education in Kazakhstan» (1976) and in his scientific publications.

The number of programs, textbooks and more than 50 teaching materials, didactic literature were developed for teachers of Kazakh and Uighur schools during 1971-1975 years by the staff of the Laboratory.

During 1990-1993 years a scientific and research work being carried out focusing on the following topics «Renewal of the structure and international-complex content of learning in 1-2 classes of four-year primary school», «Specific organization of educational-methodical activities in small-sized classes, «Improvement of the content of education and methodology for learning in primary school», etc.

In different years, the Laboratory was headed by Zhunussova K.(1993-1999), and Yeraliyeva M. (1999-2002).

The changes to the structure of the Research Institute of pedagogical sciences occurred in the next following years, thus in 2000 the Laboratory for problem education started its work with a number of scientists and Methodists among them Mamyrova M., Nursseitova S., Kembebayeva Zh., Akhmetova R. As the result of their scientific work the «Шағынжинақталғанмектептебілімберу– Образованиевмалокомплектнойшколе» was established in 2002.

The Laboratory for primary school further was united with the Laboratory of small-size school lead by the Candidate of Pedagogical Science Slambekova N.

In the framework of realization paragraph 75 of the State Education Development Program 2011-2020 approved by presidential decree No. 1118 of 7 December 2010, there was established the Republic Center of small-size school development at National Academy of Education named after Y.Altynsarin and headed by an honored figure in the sphere of education, Candidate of Agriculture Sciences, a scientist Duissebek A. Anumber of Scientists and Methodists worked at that period, among them Toibazarova B., Tuleubayeva Kh., Smagulova B., Sissengaliyeva G., Sassenbina B.

According to systematic review of substantive activities of the Ministry of Education and Science of the RK (decree No.144 of 04 April 2012) a significant work was to be undertaken during the following years on the problem of primary small-size schools conditions in Almaty and Eastern-Kazakhstan regions in the respect of primary small-size schools development according to the size of school age in regions, opening on its basis pilot schools and small school centers and nurseries-schools.

The Draft of the Conception for Small-size School Development and the Small-size School Rules and Regulations were developed under direction of Duissebek A. The staff of the Center developed and introduced 17 study guides. For the first time educational complexes for small-size schools were established at that period.

In the recent years the Center was headed by the Candidate of Pedagogic Science Toibazarova N. (2013) with the staff of experienced Methodists and teachers who knew the problems of small-size schools from a practical point of view – Daniyarova K., Zhunussova G. At that period the Center was working on the research on the problem of quality education improvement in combined classes of small-size schools.

In cooperation with scientists, educators the research assistants of the Center developed teaching guidance on the issues of small-size schools functioning for teachers of Kazakh and Russian schools with combined classes, containing the description of lessons in accordance with theme and academic planning and combined learning with similar themes, organization education using effective methods and techniques based on collective learning and effective differentiated learning including critical thinking.

One of the Center’s main activities is the dissemination of the best practices working in the conditions of small-size schools and pilot schools (Resource Centers). Hence, in Karaganda region within the aim of teacher experience exchange there was held a republican workshop: «Development of Small-size schools and pilot schools-resource centers in co-existing learning environment». There were about 80 educators experienced in small-size schools took part in that workshop. Practical lessons took place in schools of Osakar and Bukharzhirau districts. Another republican workshop on «Educational process in small-size schools: problems, experiences and innovations» on the basis of a secondary school № 3 of Shortandyn district, Akmolinskaya region, took place where 150 educators participated. In 2013 one more workshop on «Priorities in pilot schools-resource centers development» was held in the secondary school of Malaissary in Kerbulakski district, and the Regional methodical workshop on the basis of the secondary school named after Sikymova Ye. Aksusski district, Almaty region with 65 participants of all levels.

The following step in the framework of small-size school development program was the Decree No. 375 of 17 September 2013 approved by the Ministry of Education and Science on establishing The Model Regulations for all educational establishments (primary, secondary). In accordance with a new Provisions Small-size schools rate of 49,8% from a total quantity of schools (among them 92 S-S schools are located in the city and 3547 in rural areas). Of 3639 SS schools 818 are primary schools, 890 are secondary and 1931 general secondary schools with functioning 9147 combined classes (and 61972 pupils).

In 2014, the Candidate of Historic Science, Associate Professor, Mukhamedkhanova A. was appointed on a position of a director.

Currently, the following qualified scientists and Methodists are working in the Center, Toibazarova N. – leading research fellow, the Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associated Professor; Toleubayeva Kh. – senior research fellow; Daniyarova K. – senior research fellow; Zhunissova G. – senior research fellow; Bakhyt A. – senior research fellow, Master of Pedagogic Sciences; Aitbayeva A. - senior research fellow, Master of Judicial Sciences.

In 2014, the specialists of the Center organized regional and republican scientific and methodical seminar «Accessibility of quality education to rural schools» in North-Kazakh, Eastern-Kazakh and Western-Kazakh regions. One more republican on-line workshop «Organization of science and methodical support in pilot school-resources school» took place in Kostanai region.

Within the aim of study the key problems of learning process organization in rural schools, innovation experience exchange and education quality improvement there were organized seminars in Northern, Eastern and Western parts of Kazakhstan.

Currently, the scientists of the Center provide a qualitative mythological support for Methodists of regional methodical resource centers of the republic in the framework of exchanging experience with foreign scientists, for instance, with researchers of the Chair for small-size school development in the Republic of Bashkortostan, Tajikistan, etc.

The center is in close cooperation with JSC«Өрлеу» national center of professional development. Thus, in the beginning of 2014 under the direction of vice-president of NEA named after Y.Altynsarin jointly with the Institute of Professional Development at Aktubinsk branch of JSC«Өрлеу» national center of professional development the Republican seminar «Organization of scientific and research work in resource centers» took place where participated representatives from all the regions of the republic, high institutions, collages, institutions for professional growth. The most actual problems of the education in small-size schools, ways of realization, innovating ideas, and the best learning practices were established during the meeting. 

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